What grows here?
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About 'What grows here?'

The well-being of all life on our planet is under increasing pressure from climate change.

It has been known for decades that part of the solution lies in repairing our natural environment through tree planting and restoring forest to areas that have been cleared.

The 'What grows here?' app will empower you to and be part of the solution and help you plant the right tree, at the right time in the right place.

Our companion learning hub will give passionate gardeners, educators, students and learners of all ages:

Datasets used: State Flora Catalogue (data.sa.gov), Waite Arboretum Spatial Data (data.sa.gov), Atlas of Living Australia

Planned future developments for these products are mapped out in our Roadmap.

The Creative Process: Identify needs, Use Scenario-based planning, photographic requirements.

Who can use 'What Grows Here?'

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School teacher / students

Higher Education

Amateur gardener

Sample links to curriculum

Australian National Curriculum - Biological Sciences


Ten ways to include 'What Grows Here' in your school lessons