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Be a Nature Ninja

Who are you?

Your teacher will give you a list of some plants that grow in your local area. You will need to choose a plant that you would like to know more about.

In order to collect your information about the plant you will have to go and look at it where it is growing. Your teacher will direct you on how to do this. You may also need to use other sources of information such as websites, books, magazines or information sheets.

Here we go …. Have fun exploring!

What is the common and scientific name of the plant?
How would you classify the plant? Look up any words that you are not familiar with.
What is the shape of the plant? Draw a silhouette to show the shape.
What is the height of the plant?
What is the width of the plant?
Describe the soil in which the plant or tree grows.
  • Is it wet or dry?
  • What is the texture of the soil? Is it sand, clay, limestone or loam?
Have a look under the plant. What things do you see?
Do you see any earthworms, seeds, dead leaves insects, mushrooms or rubbish?
Does the plant have any flowers? If so, what colour are they? Draw a picture of the flower.
Does the plant have any seeds? If so, describe them and draw a picture of them.
Describe the colour and feel of the bark. Is it rough, smooth, dry, damp, mossy or cold?
Describe the colour and feel of the leaves.
Draw a picture of a leaf.
Can you see any animals such as birds, butterflies and other insects on or very near to the plant?
If so, what are they and what are they doing?
Draw a picture with each part of the plant labelled.
You may use websites, encyclopaedias, gardening books or magazines to help you with this.
Find out at least three interesting facts about the plant.
If you have a camera you could take some pictures of the plant and stick them below.

What Grows Here?

If you have a camera you could take some pictures of the plant and stick them below.
Compare the information from ‘What Grows Here?’ to the information you got from your observations.

What is the same? What is different? If there are some bits of information that is different, what do you think has caused the differences?